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GREEN VELO сycling route in Belarus!

GREEN VELO сycling route in Belarus!


Very soon on the Augustow canal will begin its continuation of the international Cycling route GREEN VELO. The creation of a new route in the Grodno region will begin in 2018 , and it will be called "August Led".

The total length of GREEN VELO cycle routes  is more than 2 thousand kilometers.

New cycle route "August Led" will be held from Michalovce to Rudaki from the Polish side (about 10 km) and Belarusian from crossing the "Forest" to "Dombroski" – also about 10 kilometers.

Will be developed the infrastructure of the route of the international level:

  • Station Bicycle repair,
  • Service centers,
  • Parking lots and places for recreation with ability to charge phones,
  • The single database route "August Led":the property, the catering facilities and other places that are located along the route
It is planned that in the direction of Grodno and the Lithuanian side of the border will build additional routes from "August Led". They will connect Grodno region with an extensive network of cycle paths in Lithuania.

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