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A monument to the giant was erected in Vitebsk

A monument to the giant was erected in Vitebsk


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Vitebsk was enlarged with interesting sights: on June 20 there was erected a monument to the local legend - giant Fedor Makhnov. 

Fedor Makhnov was born in 1878 in a village near Vitebsk. According to some sources, his height was 285 centimeters. Fedor performed in the circus and was known as "Vitebsk Gulliver", the tallest man in Europe. 

The monument to the giant is the work of the sculptor Ivan Kazak. For a visual scale, the author of the installation placed a Venetian chair next to the "Gulliver".

An unusual monument to Fedor Makhnov is another reason for visiting the beautiful Vitebsk in the framework of the two-day tour "Belaya Rus: Vitebsk" or a one-day excursion around the creative places "Chagall and Repin created here ..."

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