Reconstruction will be done in Rakovskoye suburb

Rakovskoye suburb is one of the ancient districts of Minsk. The buildings had been building there for several centuries (XVI – XIX), so the place belongs to the historical center of the capital. The appearance of this Minsk sight will change in the near future.

The production building of the bakery will be divided into two separate houses. The facades of both buildings are historical and cultural values so they will be restored very close to the original. Between the pie bakery and the former production building of the bakery, a new building with a clinker red brick trim will appear. 

In all three buildings on the ground floors will be cafes and restaurants and above — service facilities.

For those who have not been in Minsk and are not familiar with historical buildings, we recommend our guide on the capital of Belarus.

Reconstruction will be done in Rakovskoye suburb