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You can now make peace in Brest with the help of ... benches

You can now make peace in Brest with the help of ... benches


Not so long ago, Brest City Garden was decorated with so-called conciliation benches. Unusual art objects are named so not only thanks to the inscriptions Let's make peace. The seats are bent so that sitting on them far from each other is simply impossible - inevitably you will be attracted to each other. So, being in a quarrel with your soulmate or friend, go for a walk in City Garden and sit down for a moment on one of the benches. We are sure: all offences will be left behind!

Brest is a city where it is impossible to quarrel for a long time. VETLIVA recommends: if your soulmate is still offended and the benches of reconciliation did not help, go with her to Brest Arbat in the evening (Sovetskaya pedestrian street was called so poetically). Here, a lantern in Peter's times suit lights old lanterns manually. This romantic sight will melt anyone’s heart!

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