Now you can see how Sapieha lived in Golshansky castle.

Because of modern technologies, nowadays you can see how Sapieha lived in Golshansky castle at home.

To see how one of the largest magnates of Belarus lived and had fun, it is possible thanks to "Maisternya Uražannyau" and VKL3D. With the help of 3D technologies they breathed life into the ruins of the Golshansky castle. The video shows one day from the life of the castle - from dawn to dusk. For example, you can see how Prince Pavel Stefan Sapega invites guests  including the future marshal of Slonimsky Yuri Trizna to his residence.

It is recommended to watch video in 4K 2160.

We remind you that this year 250 thousand rubles were allocated for the reconstruction of the Golshansky castle.