It is planned to reduce the cost of visas for certain categories of Belarusian citizens for Europe

In 2017, according to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, planned significant reduction in the cost of entry visas for Belarusian citizens of the European Union.

Currently, the annual cost of Belarusian visas for European countries is 150 euros. According to data published by "Radio Svaboda" in the coming year, this category of visa will cost - 60 euros, as much as on the costs for Belarusians today repeated "Schengen".

Recently, there have been positive developments in the facilitation of the entry of foreign nationals into the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

This year, foreign nationals visa-free entry to visit the National Park "Bialowieza Forest" (up to 3 days) and a special tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal" and Grodno (up to 5 days) has been opened.