Renovation of the embankment of the Trinity Suburb

Renovation of the embankment of the Trinity Suburb


The plan of measures is approved until 2020, but the first large-scale work is almost completed: in May it will be possible to walk along the renewed embankment in the Trinity suburb. The pedestrian zone was increased by one meter and decorated with beautiful lanterns, stylized in the old days. Benches and bins of the same style will be installed.

The length of the retaining walls has decreased. Now they smoothly pass into the line of decorative bead that surrounds the coastline, lawns and flower beds. In the mound there will be a public toilet, which is finished with high-quality materials, suspended ceilings, and the entrance will be decorated with imitation of natural stone. The slopes of the embankment and the flower beds are sown with seeds of lawn grass and flowers, which in May will delight the eyes with luscious greenery. 

Less mobile groups of the population are also taken care of: for their convenience there was created a ramp leading from the embankment to the pedestrian bridge, and a gentle slope on Bogdanovicha Street was also preserved.

A real highlight of the renovated embankment will be a luxurious front staircase, which will stretch parallel to the slope.

The coastal territory, located in the M. Bogdanovich str. and leading to the island of Courage and Sorrow, is almost ready to celebrate the 950-year anniversary of Minsk. It is planned that a city of masters will be located here on the day of the city, exhibitions and master classes will be organized, and there will also be installed a sculptural composition "To Belarusians of the World".

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