The new monument on Zybitskaya recalls the correct name of the country

The new monument on Zybitskaya recalls the correct name of the country

24.12.2019 Minsk

The map of Minsk sights was replenished with a new location. Recall that the owners of the bar Na dne decided to give the capital a monument, which promised to be the smallest in the country. In this regard, they launched a popular vote so that people can choose its topic. As a result, the nomination Belarusian ego won (which, according to the owners of the bar on Zybitskaya, is the smallest in the world).

No less creative idea is embodied in the finished monument. It is a figure of a man holding the letter «Ь» and standing on the crossed-out letters «С», «И» and «Я». Thus, the monument recalls how to properly name our country. The size of the figure is only 15 cm, so a magnifying glass is installed in front of it so that everyone can see the details better.

Stanislav Nikonovich is the sculptor, who was entrusted with the implementation of the project. The monument was painted by the artist Zoya Lutsevich. When getting acquainted with the coolest streets of Minsk, Oktyabrskaya and Zybitskaya, be sure to look here and take a selfie with the most original sculpture of the capital!


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