New Belavia aircrafts

Belavia and Nordic Aviation Capital Dac concluded the transaction to acquire five aircraft. Belavia will receive 5 new aircrafts "Embraer". This transaction is the largest in the history of the airline.

The contract between airline Belavia and Irish company Nordic Aviation Capital Dac was concluded on the 11th of April. According to this contract Belavia will receive 5 new aircrafts. Delivery of the first three aircraft is expected in April of the year 2019.

Aircrafts «Embraer-175» and «Embraer-195» is already present in Belavia fleet.

These aircrafts for medium-range flights take place between absolutely small CRJ and «Boeing 737».

It is important to note that these aircraft are new, and it is psychologically important for passengers. Over time Belavia plans to renew the entrire fleet.