For the weekend in Sweden!

Holidays of national cultures have already become traditional for the Belarusian capital. It is already difficult to imagine summer in Minsk without festivals of cultures and traditions of the world, which take place in the Upper City.

Already this Saturday (June 2) the holiday will be opened by the representatives of Sweden. From the beginning of June to the end of September, the peculiarities of their national cultures will be presented by 14 countries.

Days of national cultures are not only concerts, but also the opportunity to touch history and rituals, try on national costumes, take part in master classes in preparing national dishes.

Schedule of national culture days:

  • June 2 - Day of Culture of Sweden
  • June 9 - Russian Culture Day
  • June 16 - Day of Culture of Great Britain
  • July 28 - Greek Culture Day
  • August 4 - Lithuanian Culture Day
  • August 5 - Polish Culture Day
  • August 11 - Korea's Day of Culture
  • August 18 - Day of Culture of Ukraine
  • August 25 - Day of Culture of Italy
  • August 26 - Armenian Culture Day
  • September 1 - Day of Culture of Georgia
  • September 15 - Moldovan Culture Day
  • September 16 - Israel's Culture Day
  • September 22 - Day of Culture of Azerbaijan