Fried snails can be tasted at New Year's fairs

New Year is approaching, New Year's Eve bustle is already reigning everywhere. It's time to buy gifts and decide where to celebrate 2020. Soon New Year's fairs will be launched all over Minsk and Belarus, about 900 fairs are planned to be organized in total.

Three main fairs will be held in Minsk:

  • two Kalyadnye Kirmash fairs, which can be visited from December 14, 2019, till January 15, 2020, at venues near the Sports Palace and on Oktyabskay Square;

  • Metelitsa, which will unfold near Komarovsky market from December 21, 2019, to January 1, 2020.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: not only dishes of national cuisine will be cooked to treat the visitors of the fairs, but also traditional in Europe mulled wine, burgers, hot dogs and even real fried snails! So if you want to try something unusual Kalyadny kirmash and Metelitsa are waiting for you.

Fried snails can be tasted at New Year's fairs