Motoveloexpo-2017 in Minsk

The day after tomorrow  the exhibition "Motoveloexpo" opens in the capital. You will hear the roaring sounds of engines and see the custom and tuning show from April 23 to April 24 at the football arena located in Pobediteley Avenue.

At 12.15 the official opening of the motor season opens: bikers will start their drive from the Ice Palace of Sports towards the arena. At the same time, there starts the fair-sale of various bicycles and motor-vehicles inside the arena, as well as the open championships of Belarus in customizing and airbrushing.

During the competition, bikers and cyclists will demonstrate unique machines and equipment, many of which exist in a single copy! In addition, in the arena it will be possible to burst in history and see the exhibition of skateboards, produced in the distant days of the USSR, to see the arm wrestling, bicycle trial and stunt raiding competitions (spectacular stunts on motorcycles), and also to hear live music performed by rock, punk, blues and folk groups.

Well, let’s visit "Motoveloexpo"?