Chalky career open to tourists in 2021

Picturesque but dangerous quarries near Volkovysk, known as the "Belarusian Maldives", have been asking to be opened for tourists for a very long time. Last year, the administration of the Krasnoselsky plant announced its intention to organize a route and take the region's industrial tourism into its own hands. More than six months have passed since that moment, and today, at last, everything is almost ready. Tourists will be allowed in this year.

Now the management of the plant is developing design estimates for the arrangement of a safe observation deck. The route for tourists has already been built: visitors will be given a tour of the museum, then they will show the quarries themselves from the observation deck and offer to stay in the factory sanatorium.

Tourists will be allowed only in groups and only under supervision: the ban on walking along the banks will not be lifted. This option is unlikely to suit the majority: many came to the chalk quarries with tents, swam and sunbathed on the white beaches. However, the company believes that this option is not possible.

— The issue of safety comes first for us. While there are no tourists here, the question will be relevant closer to May. In general, the route is already ready. When we have worked out the remaining questions, we will be able to start up the groups. If all is well, this will happen in 2021, - said Deputy General Director Gennady Naydyuk.