Best shopping – on holidays: New Year's market in the shopping centers "Scala" and "Green City"
With leaps and bounds, the calendar moves to its last page, which we are all waiting for: the last day of 2018 marks the beloved New Year!

Someone has already started to make shopping lists and look for a place where they can meet the holiday, someone may not have removed the Christmas tree fr om last year, but preparations are already beginning to go at full speed not only in houses, but also on the streets of Minsk.

Shopping centers "Scala" and "Green City" launch a two-week shopping marathon under the proud name "New Year's Market"! From 23.12.18 to 07.01.19 ("Green City") and from 02.01.19 to 07.01.19 ("Scala"), a grand fair will take place within the walls of the centers, wh ere from 10:00 to 22:00 you can buy not only gifts for family and friends, but also pick up beautiful decorations, buy a new Christmas tree, stock up with cosmetics and oils for the perfect New Year's make-up and get sweet treats for children and loved ones.

Entrance to the market is absolutely free, so come at any convenient time to the fair for cute trinkets and useful things for your perfect holiday.

And do not forget to make a shopping list: it will be impossible to break away from the festive goods on the New Year market!