Logo of the cultural capital 2019-Pinsk
Photos of Pinsk city Executive Committee

The winner of the competition for the logo "Pinsk - the cultural capital of Belarus 2019"was determined. The work of the local Illustrator Victor Saganovich is recognized as the best. 

The Central part of the logo repeats the city plan and symbolizes its cultural and historical heritage. White rays schematically reflect the main directions of Pinsk streets. Behind them in the author's drawing shows the main attractions of the capital of Polesie. The composition is crowned with a bird-flower made in the color scheme of the city emblem-as a symbol of arts, folk traditions and crafts. The blue background reminds of the proximity of the river. 

Printing execution of the logo is entrusted to Pinsk regional printing house. The sign will be used in postcards, booklets and other Souvenirs. 

The opening ceremony of the Republican campaign "Pinsk-the cultural capital 2019" is scheduled for January 25. There will be a gala concert, honoring the culture and arts of the city. 

During the year, Pinsk will host more than 400 different events, including more than 40 major ones:
  • festivals of organ and spiritual music, bard songs, 
  • international wind band festival,
  • regional festival of arts "Zori nad Pina",
  • festival of street art "Crossroads",
  • library literary marathon,
  • regional drawing competition "architectural heritage of Pinsk". 
QR-codes of objects will appear on the most important monuments of antiquity. A series of exhibitions "Secrets of Pinsk land" will appear in the Museum of Belarusian Polesie. Will also be days of drama on the Pinsk. Excursion, concert and exhibition activities are activated. 

The Republican campaign "Cultural capital of the year" has been held in Belarus since 2010. Polotsk was the first to receive this status. In 2011, the baton was taken by Gomel, then Nesvizh (2012), Mogilev (2013), Grodno (2014), Brest (2015), Molodechno (2016), Bobruisk (2017), Novopolotsk (2018), Pinsk (2019).

Based on: www.belta.by