Lida will become the cultural capital of Belarus in 2020

Lida will become the cultural capital of Belarus in 2020


The Ministry of Culture of the country chose the cultural capital of the following year. It became Lida. Republican campaign Cultural Capital has been running since 2010. In 2019 the honorary title belongs to Pinsk.

Lida is the second largest city in the Grodno region. Its main attraction Lida Castle, built in the 14th century. In addition to the castle of Gedymin, tourists are attracted by Lida chapels and a church, a stone in honor of the founding of Lida. And lovers of industrial tourism beckons the plant of the Lidskoe Pivo brewery company. Every year interest in Lida brovar only grows. Recently it became known that the plant’s management is planning to build a modern brewing museum, which has no equal in Belarus. 400 thousand euros have already been invested in the new project. Presumably the museum will open by 2021.

In the meantime, visit the city by selecting one of the excursions on the site.

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