The Skirmunt chapel in the Ivanovo district will be restored

The chapel is located in the agricultural town of Molodovo. Its structure is round. It was erected at the beginning of the 20th century. The building belongs to neoclassicism. The designer was Tadeusz Rostvorovsky. Of the entire Skirmunt estate, only this chapel has survived to this day.

The Skirmunt family has done a lot for the development of the area. They were engaged in business and politics. Thanks to them, brick factories, a sugar factory and cloth factories appeared here.

The building has been renovated since 2017. The main task facing the reenactors is to stop the destruction of the dilapidated chapel. For 4 years, specialists have restored the dome with a cross, and now they are working on the crowning cornice. The plans are to update the facade of the building. It would be worth renovating the building inside as well, but it is not yet known whether there will be enough finances for this.

The money for the repairs was taken from the district budget, collected at a subbotnik and requested from the authorities of the Brest region.

When the renovation work is completed, the district administration hopes that the flow of tourists will again rush to the attraction.


The Skirmunt chapel in the Ivanovo district will be restored