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What will be the tourist brand of Belarus?

What will be the tourist brand of Belarus?


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Belarus plans to develop a tourism brand of the country. The competition for the development of the brand should begin in April, in June the popular vote will take place, according to which the experts will select the finalists and the winner.

The respondents of the recearch were foreigners and local residents. According to the survey results, the most popular things that come to mind when mentioning Belarus are: nature (36%), potatoes / draniki, hospitality, cleanliness..

Almost half of the respondents expressed their opinion that it is the green color reflects Belarus. Zubr, according to the results of the study, became the most popular symbol of the country.

In addition, the experts of the project "Support to Sustainable Tourism in Belarus" singled out their blocks, which, in their opinion, will help develop tourism in the country, among them: biodiversity of flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage, diversity of recreation in Belarus.

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