Give love: a gift certificate from VETLIVA

Do not want your gift to a loved one getting dusty on the shelf? Do you want to see what happiness looks like? Then our offer is right for you!

We all think about what to give to loved people in honor of an important event. And we all want this gift to be special, matched with love and attention. Agree, we are right?

The time of gifts that stand in the corner and are waiting for their time has long since passed. Give your loved ones an unforgettable experience of rich and colorful travel! And to make it easier and more convenient for you, we collected all the most pleasant emotions and reflected them in the form of a stylish electronic gift certificate.

You can purchase a gift certificate with a nominal value of 15 BYN for any of the provided services on the portal VETLIVA.COM (sanatoriums, excursions, accommodation, transfer). Detailed information on the rules of purchasing and using the gift certificate can be found here.

Give feelings, emotions and impressions to your loved ones and loved ones, and VETLIVA will help you!