Free Wi-fi from Belarusian railway lines

Since July, 10 the free wi-fi has become available at all the railway stations. Wi-fi points were arranged by Belarusian railway lines together with OJSC MTS. MTS provided 4G equipment and optical canals to open high-speed Internet. Wait for your train surfing your favourite websites and social pages in Minsk, Orsha, Molodechno, Borisov, Baaranovichi, Lida, Grodno, Luninets, Pinsk, Gomel, Zhlobin, Kalinkovichi, Mogilev, Osipovichi, Bobruisk, Krichev, Vitebsk and Polotsk. It’s the perfect way to spend time for those waiting for their night train or the train which is a little late. 

Soon there will be commercial wi-fi internet at all the railway stations of Belarus.