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А manor with a clownarium will appear in the Glubokoe district

А manor with a clownarium will appear in the Glubokoe district


In the village of Zyabki, the Glubokoe district, an unusual estate with a clownarium for little artists will appear. The famous Russian circus artist Nikolai Chelnokov shared this information. According to his words, he appreciated the beauty of the Belarusian nature when he visited Glubokoe during the period of the Cherry Festival in the city. He was so impressed with the beauty and scenery that he bought at the auction the former school complex.
The site is located near Lake Dolgoe, the deepest lake in Belarus. The new owner is going to organize a large park area for children on the territory of the estate. A clownarium, where every child will be able to demonstrate their circus skills and feel like a real artist, will appear on the territory too.
By the way, not far from the future estate there are 2 more attractions of the area: a mill, designed by German specialists, and the building of a railway station, built at the beginning of the 20th century.

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