300 new skating rinks will appear in the Grodno region

300 new skating rinks will appear in the Grodno region


About 300 ice rinks are planned to be made in the Grodno region. The rinks will appear near schools and other educational institutions. Also in the region will operate:

  • 44 hockey courts,

  • 13 large rollers (at least 12x24 m),

  • 40 ski slopes (each not less than a kilometre long).

It remains only to wait for suitable weather. Skating rinks near schools will help to organize children's winter activities in order to avoid accidents on the ice of lakes and rivers. In addition, ice palaces of Grodno and Lida traditionally invite skating. In addition, skiing and tubing slopes will be organized.

If you are planning to visit Grodno this winter, be sure to use our guide to Belarusian Prague. It will allow you to see the city in all its glory.

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