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Coffee hall "Sherlock"

Coffee hall "Sherlock"

Minsk, per. Mikhailovsky, 4

Kitchen: European

Coffe House

Coffee hall "Sherlock" is not a restaurant or even a cafe. This is a catering point, free from any stereotypes. A person will be allowed to enter here in any form and will be pleased not only with food, but also with unusual decorations.

The total area of ​​73 m2 was successfully associated with London. The walls of the drawings are traditional for the capital of Britain, two-tier buses, familiar to the film red telephone booths. Portraits of Sherlock can be seen on all walls. They are different in size and manner of execution. But the main attributes of the conservative UK are the fireplace, the piano and the smoking pipes without any changes. Buy a tube for every taste you can directly in the coffee shops.

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