Restaurant "Slavyanka"

Restaurant "Slavyanka"

Fanipol, Dzerzhinskiy district city Fanipol st. J. Kolasa, 6

Kitchen: Belarusian, Italian


Cafe- "Slavyanka" - one of the best places for a great holiday with family or friends. Our café-club is ideal for large companies and happy holidays. We can celebrate our birthday with a big wave, hold a corporate party, a children's party, a wedding, an anniversary and other celebrations.
The bar of our cafe will delight you with a wide assortment of various drinks and cocktails, and the cooks will prepare dishes of European, Italian and Byelorussian cuisine. The capacity of our cafe is more than 100 people and this despite the fact that everyone will feel free and at ease.
Every Friday and Saturday we have the most incendiary parties in the café-club with the sexiest girls and the unique atmosphere of the holiday.

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