Restaurant of Chinese national cuisine "Golden Dragon"

Vitebsk, 8 Krylova Street

Kitchen: Chinese


Restaurant "Golden Dragon" is a pleasant background music, a luxurious interior, aged in red and gold shades, well-trained and friendly staff, traditional Chinese cuisine.

In "Golden Dragon" you will be pleased to offer a menu that amazes imagination with its diversity: specialties from the duck. The submission of one of them can be called without exaggeration a real theatrical performance, because the "Peking Duck" is served and cut by the chef himself. a bowl of 20 kinds of cold appetizers, among which - an acute scar, pork ears with cucumber, eggplants deep-fried; seven kinds of first courses, including soup from coconut milk. Separately, I want to tell you about hot dishes, because in the "Dragon" the widest choice of dishes, both from seafood and meat: squid in fried sauce, trout in sea sauce, poultry fillet in sweet and sour sauce, beef tenderloin with onion.

One of the nice features of "Golden Dragon" - a place for lovers, hidden from outside views by a cozy screen.

Enjoy yourself with an unforgettable journey into the world of uncharted tastes! Restaurant "Golden Dragon" is waiting for you!

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