Restaurant «Gastinny Mayontak»

Restaurant «Gastinny Mayontak»

Minsk region Logoisk district

Kitchen: Belarusian


«Gastinny Mayontak» is a country restaurant of national Belarusian cuisine. The institution is distinguished by a special atmosphere with a national flavor, branded tinctures.
The interior of restaurant «Gastinny Mayontak» is made in Belarusian style. In the finish there is a lot of natural wood and natural shades, which creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Accents arrange the details of the decor with national color.
The menu of restaurant «Gastinny Mayontak» features mostly Belarusian cuisine. These are traditional pancakes with different fillings, hot meat dishes, and vegetables. Among the special offers of the restaurant «Gastinny Mayontak» it is worth noting such dishes as mushroom soup in bread, consommé of game with quail egg and greens, halibut with salted pear in white wine with carrots, venison stewed in dark beer with honey and boiled potatoes, duck legs in soy-honey sauce with mushrooms and perlotto, beef cheek with spicy beans and porcini mushrooms. In addition, the institution received a license for the production of exclusive branded spirits. Here you can try moonshine "Logoyka", horseradish, cranberry, pepper and cedar. For the admirers of homemade cooks, the restaurant chefs will prepare delicious cakes according to traditional home recipes, such as "Medovik", "Grafsky ruins" and "Napoleon".
«Gastinny Mayontak»- traditions of good taste ...

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