Restaurant «Falcone (Falcone)»

Restaurant «Falcone (Falcone)»

Minsk, Minsk, ul. King 9

Kitchen: Belarusian, Italian, European


The Falcone (Falcone) restaurant. This melodic name of one of the most famous restaurants in Minsk, from the Italian language is translated as a falcon.

Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of intrigue and flirtation. You will not be able to examine all the interior items thoroughly, but they will remain in your mind for a long time.

There is nothing superfluous here, and at the same time everything is amazing.

Sailing over time like a falcon, you will feel the height and freedom. Hall for 82 people, light live music, VIP-lounge, exquisite Italian cuisine, bright children's room - everything is designed for your comfort.

Exquisite design, luxury and elegance of the restaurant were marked by Gianpaolo Kanji (Secretary of the Italian Federation of Chefs). And the skill of the chef Giuseppe Zanotti is the birth of music of flavors, passion and sophistication in every dish. In many ways, thanks to the skill of Giuseppe, the restaurant Falcone is included in the world directories of Italian restaurants recommended by the Italian Federation of Chefs.

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