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Restaurant "Royal Hunting"

Restaurant "Royal Hunting"


Kitchen: Belarusian


"Royal Hunting" - a restaurant that is located in the building of the monument of architecture of the XIX century on Ozheshko Street in Grodno.

The interior of the restaurant is created in the style of classicism. This is dominated by bordeaux and golden tones, emphasizing the luxury and high cost of the establishment. All this harmoniously coexists with a bar of natural stone.

The menu of the restaurant "Royal Hunting" includes Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish cuisine. The firm "chip" of the institution are steaks, there are also famous dishes from game, quail, elk, pheasant, bison. Here they return for the notorious liver, brains, "veal tenderness". The restaurant serves excellent desserts that can surprise both adults and the youngest visitors. There is also a lunch menu on working days.

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