Mario cafe


Kitchen: Mediterranean, Italian


Mario is a family cafe located on the first floor of the Diagonal office center in Brest. It offers Italian cuisine, here you can taste great Italian pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagna, ravioli, bruschetta, as well as a range of appetizers, hot dishes and desserts that are prepared in the Mario cafe with special love. Here you can also watch the work of the pizzerist, who is in the main hall of the cafe and masterfully twists the dough for your pizza. In the cafe "Mario" always attentive to the guests, trying to ensure them a comfortable pastime. The staff of the institution undergoes special theoretical and practical training on the basics of service, bar culture, and even the culture of speech.
The interior of the institution was conceived for the comfort of guests, close to home comfort. The hall is decorated with the use of modern materials: wood, brick, concrete, metal structures. The ceiling is decorated with unusual lamps, cones, in the interior of the cafe a lot of details that you want to consider for hours. For example, at the entrance you will be met by an Italian scooter Vespa and a wall with postcards collected all over the world. There is also a special banquet room for 12 people in the cafe, where you can have a family or business dinner in a quiet and cozy atmosphere.
In the cafe Mario there is a special children's room with educational toys and a game console, on which you can play the game of all time "Super Mario Brothers / Super Mario Brothers". In summer, there is also a playground, which is especially popular among the young guests of the cafe "Mario". The cafe is especially popular for children's parties and birthdays. On Saturdays there are children's cooking classes, scientific shows for children, animation festivals and much more.
"Mario" - a popular meeting place for the creative team "Hello Art", where everyone can create their picture with the help of an experienced artist. "Mario" - a great place for a romantic dinner or a declaration of love. It will always help to create your holiday - a banquet, birthday, conference or corporate party! On weekdays from 12.00 to 17.00 there is a lunch menu. The "Mario" bar  offers a wide selection of various drinks and coffee, which is brewed with an excellent Marzocco coffee machine. Here you can also try unique beer from a small local brewery 13LITAR, which is located near Brest.

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