Cafe "Doner King"

Cafe "Doner King"

Minsk, Minsk, ul. Pritytskogo 2B

Kitchen: Turkish


"DONER KING" - fast food cafe, numbering over 30 names of the most delicious food and fast food with the largest portions. Here you can feel the incredible tastes of those dishes. The secret of the cafe is that all dishes are cooked on open fire and coals, and the ingredients are supplied only of the highest quality! "DONER KING" is a pleasure for the speed of cooking, special recipes and pleasant ones!

In Minsk, there are already 5 street-food restaurants "Doner King":

1. 2b Pritytskogo Street.

2. 54. Umanskaya Street.

3. 2 Zybitskaya Street.

4. 37 Ya. Kolasa Street.

5. 19 Independence Avenue

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