VETLIVA guide for travellers to Belarus

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VETLIVA guide for travellers to Belarus

You have already read the articles in VETLIVA Blog and you are eager to visit Belarus now? Well, you must remember that it’s not good to bring owls to Athens! All the countries have their laws and rules of conduct. Belarusians are very friendly and hospitable, and you should remember that you are a guest in this country, therefore just follow our advice to avoid different mistakes if you decide to visit the blue-eyed.

What you need to travel to Belarus

Visa and passport to visit Belarus

Two pillars on which the desire to go abroad is built. In order to visit the Republic of Belarus, a visa is required. But there is good news: the term of visa-free stay in the territory of Belarus has been increased from 5 days to 30 days for 74 countries! Now you have even more time and opportunities to visit the best sights of Belarus and to rest in our health resorts.

VETLIVA warns : it doesn’t work if you enter or exit at border crossings other than the Minsk Airport!

If you want to stay for a longer period, you should know that visa can be issued in one of the country's diplomatic institutions: a consulate or an embassy. To obtain a visa, you must have a valid internal passport of the state whose citizenship you are, or some other document that can replace your passport. It is also necessary to fill out a visa application form. Other documents may vary depending on the purpose of entry into the country. More information about visa to Belarus check below the link.

Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond scheduled departure date.

Money runes the show

Currency in Belarus

Money runs the show, doesn’t it? Prepare an expenditure list in advance, so as not to get trapped. Our Belarus travel guide would not be completed without a couple of special tips: VETLIVA warns you that belarusian banks provide limited cash withdrawals in Belarusian rubles from major credit cards. And we highly recommend you to use only licensed exchange locations that are widely accessible. And remember: dollars and any other currency that is not Belarusian ruble, is not accepted in stores, transport, etc.

Human rights in Belarus

Foreigners in the Republic of Belarus use all means of legal protection of individual rights and freedoms approved by laws of our country. In accordance with the Constitution, guests of our country are guaranteed inviolability of the person and home, other personal rights and freedoms. You also have the right to move freely and choose your place of residence.

Accommodation in Belarus

Accommodation while visiting Belarus

There is a huge number of hotels and apartments, and you can choose the one that suits you. All of them provide you with top-notch service and a big variety of options for you to stay in and visit Belarus with pleasure. And VETLIVA has already collected the best offers of accomodation for you.

Also you can buy the property in Belarus. At the moment, the procedure is rather simplified. And there are no restrictions, a foreigner can buy any real estate. There is only one nuance: a foreign citizen must have translated into Russian or Belarusian language and notarized passport data to conclude a transaction.

Transport in the Republic of Belarus

Transport in Belarus

Belarus is a country with a well-developed transport system, so you can develop a route and choose the most convenient way of transportation.

One of the most comfortable and reliable ways to travel around the country is railway. The transport network covers more than 2100 towns and cities within the country.

Also you can travel around Belarus by bus or minibus. There are bus stations in all the cities, where you can buy tickets, spend time waiting for your bus and have a snack.

Belarus is rather small country, therefore there are no regular domestic flights. National Airport accepts international flights connecting the Belarusian capital with different countries of the world. The operating airports of the regional centers accept charter planes, cargo transport and airliners that make emergency landing.

Urban transport in Belarus is represented by buses, trams, taxi (including Yandex.Taxi and Uber), etc. Travelling around the Minsk is facilitated due to the developed system of underground transport.

VETLIVA also provides you with a comfortable journey from the railway station or from the Minsk airport to your destination point. You can order transfers for individual tourists and groups.

You must visit Belarus

About culture in Belarus

Our Belarus travel guide ends with cultural characteristics of the country. Like all the other countries, Belarus has its own culture and taboos. It is better to know about them in advance, so VETLIVA warns you about some of them. Check our article about forbidden actions in Belarus to learn more! So there are main recommendations.

There is a list of objects that can not be photographed. It is obvious that if you want, you can contrive and make a frame with a mobile phone. But we mostly speak about those who use a SLR camera and a tripod. Do not take pictures at the railway station, airport, metro station.

Also everything is individual with concerts and sport events. It all depends on the decision of the organizers of the event. Any works of science, literature and art are protected by the Copyright Law.

Party-goers who want to visit Belarus should know that it’s forbidden to drink alcohol or even beer outdoor. It is illegal to drink it on the balcony of your hotel or apartment. It’s okay to do that in special outdoor areas of different cafes.

Do not park on the sidewalk. Especially in the city hub. In Minsk, such cars can be evacuated.

VETLIVA reminds: You can learn about these and some other rules while traveling: belarusians are very kind to foreigners, and you can always ask them some questions!

Belarus and travel guide to it

Travel to Belarus, dude!

To cut a long story short, our country is not only interesting for visiting its sights and history, but also it also loyal to wishing to visit Belarus foreigners. Rest in Belarus will bring you only positive emotions, especially since VETLIVA has collected for tourists all the most interesting: from excursions to accomodation.

Travel with us, enjoy the rest, get the most out of every day and read our BLOG!

VETLIVA guide for travellers to Belarus