Belarusian hotels for summer vacation

Belarusian hotels for summer vacation

Summer is coming — the season of vacations, travels and adventures. Belarus is one of the best destinations for summer holidays: unique nature, fresh air and other attractions of Belarus. But it has become common knowledge that the most difficult part of all journeys is travel plan: decide where to go, how to go (by plane, car, train, helicopter, spaceship,etc.), what things to take, where to stay…

After long discussions and deep thinking VETLIVA is ready to help you. We have made the top-list of hotels for summer vacations during your stay in Belarus. Pack your bags and visit us — we are waiting for you!

Top Belarusian hotels in summer:

The best hotels of Belarus

Hotel Minsk

Minsk is the exact place to be visited and to be seen first in Belarus. One of the best places to stay in summer is the 4* hotel “Minsk”.

Location: in the heart of the city, architectural and historical sights within reach.

Accommodation: different types of rooms, 24-hour front desk.


  • bars and restaurants serving dishes of Belarusian, European and Russian cuisine;
  • fitness and spa centers, casino and night club;
  • business center for meetings.

Where to stay in Brest

Hotel Hermitage

Belarusian people have their own Hermitage - Brest 4* hotel Hermitage. The best option for rest after excursions to the Brest Fortress and the Białowieża Forest:

Location: the historical center of Brest

Accommodation: posh rooms of different types, parking area.


  • bar, restaurants, karaoke club;
  • spa and fitness center;
  • staff speak English, Italian, German, Polish.

Where to stay in Grodno

Hotel Semashko

If you want to fling into the historical atmosphere and cultural diversity of Belarus, get acquainted with Grodno. For deeper involvement don’t bother about accommodation - the 3* hotel “Semashko” is the right option:

Location: the center of Grodno.

Accommodation: 40 cozy rooms of varied comfort and price.


  • a free sauna-club "Oasis" (Russian banya provided);
  • European and Belarusian cuisine in the restaurant;
  • small perks as parking area, free Wi-Fi, special offers.

Where to stay in Gomel

Recreation center Milograd

We know it is not just a hotel — it’s better! Being not far from Gomel and surrounded by nature the recreation paradise Milograd is for those who are sick of the limitless noise and hectic atmosphere of big city life:

Location: 69 km from Gomel, 21 km from Rechitsa

Accommodation: comfortable rooms with all modern conveniences + 24-hour desk


  • all inclusive holiday and rest;
  • best variant for rest with children (game rooms, playgrounds, 4 meals);
  • swimming pool, sauna, billiards, fishing.

The best hotels of Belarus

Hotel Plavno

The Belarusian hotel Plavno is not far from the Berezinsky biosphere reserve. It is a wildlife refuge preserved by the government. Swamps, forests, rivers, lakes, and your best vacation here:

Location: 15 km from the Berezinsky biosphere reserve.

Accommodation: rooms like in a fairy-tale castle with all conveniences.


  • the specialities of Belarusian cuisine are at your disposal;
  • recreation and cultural tourism for experienced tourists;
  • banya and sauna, athletic field, tennis court, fishing.

It is necessary to mark that this list is not full: there are more places of interest in Belarus to visit. It means there are more high-class Belarusian hotels to stay.

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