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5 ways to make May holidays great

5 ways to make May holidays great


We love May for 2 reasons: it is followed by summer and also, thanks to the holidays, there is an opportunity to relax and rest from work a little longer. Don’t waste your time! Get new impressions, improve your health or just have a good rest. You’ll be positive and vigorous during all the following days. VETLIVA knows the ways to make May holidays interesting and memorable.

How to spend the May holidays?

  1. Relax in nature
  2. Visit a health resort
  3. Go on an excursion
  4. Plan a perfect travel itinerary
  5. Explore your city

foto May holidays

Relax in nature far off city noise

Silence, trees are blooming, birds are singing ... All a city dweller needs is a real rural pastoral.

Belarusian farm stays are comfortable and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Cook kebabs, sunbathe, walk in the woods and breathe fresh air. And what cuisine here! Fresh, mouth-watering and incredibly delicious home-cooked food will be especially good for everyone who is tired of fast food.

VETLIVA recommends: if the purpose of your trip is gastro tourism, read about top locations to dine like a prince. Dishes with a national flavor are worth crossing several tens of kilometers.

foto away from city noise

Things to do in farm stays

  • Take a ride on bicycles / ATVs and other means of transport.
  • Go fishing if the farm stay is situated near the lake or river.
  • Get to know local animals. Life hack from VETLIVA: if you choose a place to relax with children, visit a petting zoo. Children will be delighted with rabbits, horses, goats and other animals.
  • Play volleyball or football.
  • Take a steam bath.

Book hotels in advance!

Visit a health resort

foto Visit a health resort

Health resorts in Belarus are associated with high quality. Our health resorts are popular with foreign guests. They provide everything at the highest level for moderate prices. There are also special weekend programs, which include relaxing procedures. They boost up the immune system and help to deal with stress. It is extremely important in the era of the coronavirus.

There are entertainment centers, swimming pools, saunas, SPA centres and cinemas in many health resorts. You’ll get everything you need for good holidays. And don't worry about food: you’ll eat dishes like in a five-star hotel!

foto кухня в развлекательных центрах

Discover Belarus

There are many beautiful and unexplored places in our country. It's time to take a trip! VETLIVA recommends some interesting excursions and tours:

  1. «Millennial Brest». Brest, Kamenets and the famous Brest Fortress - during this 2-day tour you’ll see the sights and take photos. The eve of Victory Day is an ideal time to visit the fortress and locations.
  2. «Belarusian Kaleidoscope». It's time to refresh your memory and visit Mir and Nesvizh. The castles are so great and powerful! And of course we advise you to visit Dudutki.

foto белорусский калейдоскоп

  1. «Sula Park-Museum». Ride the drakkar, taste drinks prepared according to old recipes and listen to organ music. It’s possible during a unique excursion to the Sula History Park.
  2. «Weekend in Silichi». How to improve your health and at the same time unite your family? Go to Silichi! You’ll have fun and active holidays, wellness procedures and various activities.
  3. «BELAZ: in the world of giants». Do you want to see the place where the world's largest dump trucks are assembled? You’ll see BELAZ dump trucks with lifting capacity from 90 to 450 tons and get acquainted with the process of vehicles creating. Also you’ll visit the museum and receive memorable souvenirs.

Travel itinerary planning

foto Travel itinerary planning

If you prefer going off the beaten path during travel, it’s time to mark locations on the map of Belarus, where you can see unusual monuments and architectural masterpieces. Sometimes they are hidden in small and unremarkable villages, abandoned buildings, natural complexes or cities. There is a charm in traveling by car. This fact was proved by the VETLIVA team during the trip «Around Belarus in 7 days». Let’s go on a trip to see once again how beautiful Belarus is.

The unusual in a familiar city

foto unusual in a familiar city

People who live in Minsk are not surprised by «The Red Church» or vivid graffiti on Oktyabrskaya street. These places are truly iconic and touristy. Have you ever seen a pound with Gaudi-style statues? Mosaic sculptures adorn Tuchinsky square. And there are probably more than a dozen of such locations in Minsk. The May holidays can be the best time to discover the city and be surprised.

Fill your life with vivid impressions!

Winter is over. It means that the time for warmth and vivid emotions is coming. Despite the pandemic you can afford to see more. Keep your social distance, use hand sanitizer and travel, cause travelling enriches our lives!


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