It is not a coincidence that the name of this city has a hint of novelty. The city is young, it was founded in 1964 after the start of the construction of Lukoml State Regional Power Plant. And this settlement was called at first the settlement of "Pionersky". Then in 1965 it received the status of an urban village, and in 1970 - a city.

It is located on the shore of the Lake Lukomlskoe, the population is more than 13 thousand people, among which according to the statistics, there about 3 thousand children. And this in itself is a unique characteristic of the city. To describe cities counting their age for centuries, we must turn to history, chronicles, artifacts, whereas Novolukoml residents make history themselves here and now, they themselves take care of the appearance and well-being of their small homeland.

Historical and technical landmark

Lukoml state district power station is the largest power station in the Republic of Belarus. In winter, it gives 40% of all electricity produced in the country, and in summer – about 60%. This is the main city-forming structure. All of its subsystems, accompanying and subsidiary productions give employment to the city's residents. Around it, both around the axis or the core of life support, the science and culture of the city are developing, the enterprises of the service sector are multiplying, trade is developing.

The Power Plant is the main attraction of the city, it meets visitors at the entrance to Novolukoml, immediately setting the tone, striking majesty and a kind of construction picturesqueness.

Aesthetic and spiritual sightseeing.

But as we move through the city, it becomes evident that a caring hand has created a counterbalance to the strict industrial design of the power plant. This counterbalance in fairy-tale greenery, which is an ornament, animates, inspires new buildings of residential areas, and brightens the roadsides and streets. And these roads and streets, it is worth noting, are smooth, broad, clean, like smiling faces of residents. All visitors come under the impression of goodwill and hospitality of Novolukoml residents.

The abundance and thoughtfulness of green plantations, the striking cleanness that reigns on every square centimeter - that's what makes the face of Novolukoml.

The Spiritual Sight  

Such a landmark is the Resurrection Church. It was built in 1994. The young city has a young temple. It is treated with all the respect. The residents mention it with pride and love in all official descriptions, reference data relating to their place of residence. And when in the recent past there was a fire and suddenly a large part of the temple burnt down, the whole world rebuilt it.

Years will pass, generations will be replaced. The descendants will study our period of time, the objects of material and spiritual culture left by our contemporaries, will make assumptions, like a mosaic, add the picture of our life to pieces. And the inhabitants of the modern city of Novolukoml will not feel sorry by the future researchers - neither for themselves, nor for their city.



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