The village named Nacha is located in the North of Belarus, near the Lithuanian border. For the first time this village was mentioned in 1529. Historians claim that first people settled in the land about 4,5 thousand years ago. Here were found ancient burial mounds that are hundreds of thousands of years. The village of Nacha was the property of the Dukes V. Stankovich and M. Radzivinovich. Today in this village there are approximately 170 residential yards. There is a Church, a library, a village center, a kindergarten, a school and even the border post.

Historical sketch

In fact, Nacha is a small village, but with its rich past and an equally interesting history. On this land there is the belfry dating from 1832, there are many monuments that were erected to the rebels of 1863-1864, who had died heroically in battle during the cold war.

In the history of the village there is the beginning of 1566, when this village was the property of the king Sigismund II Augustus. However, after a year the village moved as a gift to the nobleman A. Brinda, and then to his wife. The name of village "Nacha" followed in honor of surname Nacha Brindzovskaya.

Sights of the village

The pride of the village can truly be the Church of the blessed virgin Mary, which this year celebrated its centenary.

Almost in the center of this village there is the manor of Lubensky that by its appearance looks like a stone Palace. In the court of this property over time the landscape park with a pond and an orchard was formed. From the Park to the estate there is a long poplar alley.

After the uprising of 1794 patrimony was confiscated by the royal government and was given to a noble family of Masalski. After a while, it was bought by Francis Xavier Chernecki.

 It is also worth noting that in this manor to the present day the furniture has been preserved, which consisted of tables, beds, 6 chairs and chandeliers. All the furniture was carved and covered with gilding. In the estate there were many old pictures that had been stolen and to this day the fate of these ancient relics is not known.

 Currently, tourists have a unique opportunity to witness the indescribable beauty of these ancient buildings, dive into the depth of years of history. The village is a truly amazing place. Here it is possible to evaluate not only the sights and architectural buildings of those times, but also to enjoy the amazing scenery. Lake landscapes with islands of debris of various rocks, high hills, and dense centuries-old forests are the natural wealth that will not leave anyone indifferent. The village Nacha is undoubtedly suitable not only for active rest but also for unity with nature and themselves.

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