History of Mezhevo village

Currently Mezhevo could hardly be called a village. Over time this village has grown to agricultural town. However, if you go back to many centuries ago, there is no doubt that this place in truth is ancient. This is indicated by numerous burial mounds, which stretch all around the village. The name itself derives fr om the Belarusian word "Myazha", which translated into Russian as "border". The first mention of village Mezhevo can be attributed to 1501. At that time, the nobleman Peter Furs received the Royal Charter, and he contained in these areas the courtyard with guests and huge economy.

In the village Mezhevo there is an old park, which was founded in 1901 on the estate of count Derozhinsky. The area of this park is about 8 hectares. It is located on the terrace on two sides of the ravine, which picturesque cuts the estate. The manor house itself was built in the modern style; it stands in the depth of this scenic park in its Northern part. The Central building has two floors with an attic. At the entrance to the estate the entire picture adorns the alley. On the West side the park is surrounded by orchards. Also near the linden alley there was built a bridge across the ravine, which is an excellent specific platform. This place has amazing picturesque view of the big artificial pond in the floodplain of Scumpia. It repeats the form of river terraces, skirting the old park, which occupies the most elevated part of the terrace on the South side of the island. The boundary of this Park is a pine alley. Along the crest of the terrace stretches a single row planting of the european larch. This park is the crown monument. In place of the backyard stalls divided a square, the center of which is a monument to Soviet soldiers.

In the village of Mezhevo there is an old church, which in those days was the main church for the parishioners. At present, unfortunately, this church is in a ruined condition. However, information about this temple is almost there, despite the fact that it was built in 1886. Historians are still arguing about the name of this temple. In many sources it is mentioned as the church of "the Resurrection of the Lord." Others write that this church is named in the name of "the Holy virgin".

However, after the revolution, the building of this holy place was a school.

For all its natural wealth, Mezhevo is an amazing place wh ere you can get an unforgettable experience, while saving a decent amount of money. Here you can spend an unforgettable time with family, walking through the alleys of the old park, wandering through the ruins of the church. You can feel the power of the sacred stone crosses. The village of Mezhevo is another amazing place on the Belarusian land.

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