These places are not talked about so much, because the territory belongs to the protected area of Belarus. And if many settlements are marked only with the seal of the history of different periods, of the glorious achievements of the present, the village Mascovichi and others like it represent the soul, blessed with the wings of storks, blessed forever, bright soul of the Belarusian land.

Several lakes form a unique water-soil climate, unique scenic region. National park of Belarus has no one laid and tested tourist route in its arsenal.

Part of the route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" through the hills and mounds near Maskovichi.

The village Mascovichi itself is located on the bank of the lake Nedrovo. Mention of age-old glory of these places is not a mistake or an exaggeration. Archeological findings date human presence in these territories at the beginning of a new era. And quite habitable presence. There are scientists who believe that we can talk about pre-slavic population on these territories, the presence and influence of the Vikings.

Excavations conducted in the years 1955-1990, back to the world gone down in history an ancient city with a rich inventory of archaeological findings. A unique underwater excavations is a settlement, which with the passage of time disappeared under the water of the lake.

Many ancient objects, utensils, ornaments were found in the land of the settlement amount to the funds of the Central historical museums. Part of them are unique to Eastern Europe and baffle experts-historians. Evaluation of the artifacts suggests that the inhabitants of the settlements were originally from Scandinavia (many runic signs in the inscriptions on many household items bear the evidence), and Slavs, and the Balts. People were in everyday life, supported by trade and developed crafts. Many inscriptions and symbols have not yet decrypted.

Starting from the 11-13th centuries the territory had also the military-defensive importance, as is the border area of the Principality of Polotsk. It is believed that there were fortifications and guards. Maybe as a result of further research it will be found of material evidence.

Scientists are scratching their spears in their disputes, assumptions, arguments. Entire layers of history of this land is still waiting to be explored, keeping the legends and true stories, names and destinies.

Modern approach to the use of the new / old territories.

Meanwhile, our contemporaries are embracing these areas by re-organizing tourist bases and recreation complexes. Ancient and not so ancient ancestors of Belarusians knew where to settle: the air is clean and fertile, the horizons are opened and pristine, the scenery is bright and colourful.

There are tales here, not forgotten local folklore, with its mermaids, songs of the Belarusian customs. And everyone coming here, taking with them his story, a song and a fraction of health. Welcome to Mascovichi!

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