A village with the curious name of Leonpol is located in Miory district of Vitebsk region on the bank of the Western Dvina, just 10 km fr om the border with Latvia. The life of one of the greatest noble families of Belarus - Lopatinsky is connected with these amazing places.

 The Historical Events

 In the eighteenth century Nikolay Lopatinsky created his great possessions. Earlier this village was called "Churilovichi", but Nikolay made a difficult decision to rename the village in honor of his father, Leon Lopatinsky. Since then this region is known under the name "Leonpol". Of course, many years have passed since then; the village was transformed almost beyond recognition. However, it remained the estate of the Lopatinsky family.

  At the entrance to this estate the shield in memory of the life of Lopatinskiy is perpetuated. It is not difficult to see spacious, free form in the location of this estate. Near the front yard there is a park of unearthly beauty. It is worth noting that this place is notable by the entire Rzecz Pospolita greenhouse, wh ere they grew exotic fruits.

 Nikolay Lopatinsky was well known by the fact that a huge amount of money he gave to the donation for the buildings of cathedrals throughout the region. With confidence we can say that only due to him there was built a church in Rositsa, Sharkovschina, and of course in Leonpol itself.

  After the death of Nikolay Lopatinsky the estate was left in legacy to his son Mstislav governor Jan Nicodemus. Jan Nicodemus proudly continued his father's work: he founded the library, and brought various works of art. By that time in the estate there was created a museum of ancient weapons, sculpture and painting.

 After the division of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Leonpol was in the bordering area. And then, Jan Nicodemus ordered to erect a memorial column in honor of the Constitution adopted by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on May 3, 1791. However, Leonpol flourished not for long. In 1831 the family estate was seized by the Cossacks, who looted and torched it before founding. Palace just miraculously survived.

 What should tourists see in Leonpol?

 In addition to the estate it is difficult to ignore the former school building, which was built in 1930. It has survived to this day in excellent condition. Tourists can now imagine how the Belarusian everyday life in the beginning of XX century was arranged at school.

However, this village has much more attractions that are worth visiting; all of them are extraordinary and breathtaking. Nature in these parts is of unforgettable beauty. There are rich forests, rivers and lakes. This is a perfect place for mental relaxation. Peace and unity with nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

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