Kostyukovichi is a small town in the east of Mogilev region, which is situated on the border with Russia. If you compare Kostyukovichi with other towns of Mogilev region, there is no such a variety of architectural and historical monuments, but in spite of this the town attracts with its uniqueness.

In written sources Kostyukovichi was first mentioned in 1508. At that time it was a small settlement which was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Even then, Kostyukovichy was the center of crafts and trade. After the partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Kostyukovichi was a part of the Russian Empire. In the middle of XVIII century the appeared a parish school in the town that brought a greater fame. Processing industry developed in Kostyukovici in the pre-war years. And in the 1930-ies there was built a flax mill, brick factory, sewing factory. Today processing plants operate in Kostyukovichi products of which are known not only throughout the Republic but also abroad.

Nowadays the population of the town is about 15 thousand people.

  • The main sightseeing is the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. It was built in the 1990-ies. In 1830 a new brick church was begun to build on the place of the old wooden one.  At that time they worked quickly and the Church was completed in 1835. In 1929 it was closed and the priest was exiled to Siberia. Four years later the temple was blown up and construction of a new church was begun only in the XVIII late  century.
  • The buildings of the late 18th – the early 20th century, which once were ordinary buildings, give the town a special beauty. If you walk along the streets of the town and dream a little you can imagine how the town looked a hundred years ago.  

The history of the town is kept in the local history museum which contains exhibits fr om ancient times up to the present. Having viewed the exposition of the Museum you can plunge into the history of the town and learn its traditions. It was opened in 1973 on the basis of the fund of the Museum of military glory. At first the Museum was situated in an ordinary wooden building and in 1990 a two-storeyed building was built specially for the Museum. The fund of the Museum includes more than 22 thousand exhibits.

The town keeps the memory about the events of the Great Patriotic War. A monument to the fallen soldiers was set in the very center. Kostyukovichi was occupied on August 14, 1941.  In memory of those who fell during the defense of the town, on May 9, 1995 was established the Alley of Glory and memory. It is six bronze busts in honor of the dead natives of Kostyukovichi, who received the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

In honor of the anniversary of the town (in 2008 Kostyukovichi was 500 years old) in the town center was built a cozy hotel wh ere guests of the town can stay. Transport links with other cities and towns of not only Belarus is represented by automobile and railway transport. That is why everyone can easily get to Kostyukovichi.

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