Kirovsk – is a tiny town in Mogilev region, the population of which is a bit more than 9 thousand of people.  Geographically the town is comfortably located: not far from Bobruisk and Mogilev. Traffic communication between the cities is accomplished only with the help of automobile transport. Unfortunately,  railway communication hasn’t been laid yet to Kirovsk from any of the cities.

The area of the town is flat. It allows local residents to do farming.

There was an estate Kocherichi in the 19th century. The name of this town is considered to come from it. However the name Kirovk is dated only to the year 1935. In 1959, it was granted the name “urban-type settlement” and later, in 2001- the city status.

The town government had planned a quick development of  it, but all of those plans were destroyed, when the Great Patriotic War began. The largest part of local residents went to war, almost 150 local residents died. The whole township was almost completely destroyed, there wasn’t any industrial production, factories, and only after the end of the war the reconstruction of it was started.

After the end of the Great Patriotic War, active reconstruction of the city was started: buildings and factories were erected. Nowadays, there are several operating processing enterprises in such a small town.

Pokrov Church, built in 1995, captures the tourists’ attention at the entrance to the city on Bobruisk side.   It’s an amusing temple, which gathers a great majority of parishioners not only from the city, but also from the region; it is opened not only during the great religious celebrations, but also on the weekends.                                                                          

At the beginning of the 20th century a park was made on the territory of the city, which is an architectural landscape monument. In 2000, the full reconstruction of  the park was made, the fountain was built, sitting area and a small pets’ corner were created. 

The territory of Kirovsk and the region was liberated from fascist agressors on the 28th of June 1944. A memorial sign to the Red Army warriors, underground groups and partisans was set up in honour of 60-th anniversary. During combat activities, 5 thousand civilians were killed on the territory of the region and almost 70 villages were destroyed.

There is a hotel in the very centre of such a small town for tourists. Each willing can put up there.                

A health resort named after K. P. Orlovsky was opened in Kirovsk on the place of the former landowner von Goyer’s estate. It is located in a picturesque park, in its very centre, that is why the hum of cars passing doesn’t disturb the holidaymakers. It was opened in 1984. Several years ago, major repairs were made in the health resort. Everyone can improve his health by visiting the resort. Its personnel offers a majority of contemporary procedures, and qualified doctors always render the necessary assistance. The health resort is in gread demand not only among the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, but also among the citizens of Russia and the neighbouring countries.

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