The urban village of Khotimsk is the easternmost one in Mogilev region. As it is situated on the border with Russia it attracts a great attention of tourists.  

The urban village was first mentioned as a village on the Besed River in 1430. It was founded by tradespeople and craftsmen. In 1747 on the opposite bank of the river the Radziwills founded a settlement, which soon was connected with the neighboring village.  The population of the village was growing little by little. However after the first partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth the lands became a part of Russia. A new power returned the previous name Khotimsk to the settlement and it was owned by Count G.Potemkin.

During the Great Patriotic War Nazis killed more than 700 local inhabitants. In September 1943 Khotimsk was among the first regions of the territory of Belarus freed from the Nazi invaders.

The main sightseeing of the town is the Trinity Cathedral.  It is also called the Holy Trinity Church. It was built on the model of the Cathedral of the Redeemer in Moscow, but reduced in 10 times. In honor of the abolition of serfdom in 1873 the townspeople built the temple without outside help and at their own expense. In the years of Soviet power there was a club, granary, Bank in the building of the Church.  Only after receiving the independence of Belarus, the Church was returned its direct functions. The main Shrine of the temple became a copy of the Kazan icon of the Blessed Virgin. In the town there is a legend that it was the image that had defended the townspeople from the cholera epidemic. A small reconstruction of the Church was begun in the 1990-ies, but it was very slowly, as there was not enough money. Monk Kirill collected money for the reconstruction of the Church not only in Belarus but also in Russia.

Not less popular among tourists is the Intercession Church, the easternmost Church in Belarus. Originally it was a chapel. The Church is a monument of wooden architecture and was built in the 19th century. It is situated on the Khotimsk cemetery. When in 1938 the Holy Trinity Church was closed,   the Intercession Church became the only working one in the town. In 1962 it was decided to pull it down, but church people stood with candles in front of the bulldozer and did not allow doing it. Soon after that a local priest put the altar in it thereby he transformed the chapel into a church.

Walking through the town you can see the variety of buildings built in different architectural forms and have preserved to nowadays. In the local History museum you can learn about the history of the town, its traditions and culture.

In the town there is a mass grave in honor of the memory about the Great Patriotic War which contains the remains of soldiers and partisans who took part in the liberation of the urban settlement.

In the historical center of the town there is a modern amusement park which can be visited by everyone. They say that from the height of the Ferris wheel you can see even Russia in good fair weather. It is not known whether it is true or not. That is why come into Khotimsk. Will we check it!? 

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