Small town of Krupki is situated 110 kilometers from Minsk, on the border between Mogilev and Vitebsk region. It was given its name in honor of cabbage plant Krupka, depicted on the city’s official coat of arms. If to look on the map, the territory of Krupka city looks like a big heart. Why this Belarusian city with such an interesting name is so remarkable? After all, a picturesque river Bobr smoothly flows through the city, Selyava Lake amazes with its beauty and clarity. This lake stretches for 14 kilometers in length, and inside the lake you can see three small islands.

Krupki settlement appeared on the map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania approximately in 1613, in the archival documents is indicated that the prince Sangushko Symon Samuel gave Krupki to his beloved wife Helen Corwin-Gasevskoy as a present. During her reign, the city had more than 60 yards.  From the 17th till 19th centuries there was an epoch of Krupki prosperity, when the city passed through the famous Catherine path: in the time of existence of the old Smolensk road, the city was visited by many famous people - the ambassador of the Roman Empire Sigismund Herberstein, Russian ambassador P. A. Tolstoy and deacon T.Korobeynikov, as well, as an impressive amount of travelers, academics and writers.

During the Patriotic War the city was completely destroyed by the French. From century to century there is a legend, that the carriage of Napoleon drowned in Stoyachee Lake. The legend goes, in the coach huge treasure was hidden, but no matter how many expeditions had been carried out, it was never found. Therefore the researchers came to the conclusion that Stoyachee Lake has a double bottom because of the peat. Chemical analysis of the water revealed a high content of gold, silver and platinum, so local people considered the water having healing qualities.

Main attractions

Those people who came to Krupki to explore the city and its cultural attractions should necessarily visit the mansion house, then a palace, located in Yazby, built in style of late classicism. It was left practically untouched since its foundation, and that’s why it has a particular value.  In the village Holopenichi you will find a restored Holy Dormition Church, and in the village Gritskovichi you can see the Holy Transfiguration Church. From a distance it seems a little gloomy and desolate, and therefore it attracts even more curious tourists.

You should surely visit the landscape protected area "Selyava" with recreational amenity "Panska Kupelnya" and refined beach. Also travelers are offered to walk the path "Proshitskie bolota". On the territory of the reserve a variety of representatives of the Red Book of Belarus can be found.

In the history of the town, Svyatsky surname is traced quite often.  It is the name of the last owner of Krupki, who opened the first matches’ factory for export to America. Carl Svyatsky built a luxury mansion in art nouveau style in Krupki. It is said that Charles found the legendary Napoleonic treasures, as he wasn’t wealth enough for those times, but still he built the mansion promptly. Svyatsky manor survived to the present days.

Places to eat and have a rest

On the official website of Krupki you can find a list of public eating places: there are enough buffets, cafes, mini-cafes and restaurants in the city. You will be pleased with a wide selection of dishes in cafe "Zhuravinka", as well as a cozy modern atmosphere, and if you want to feel the whole atmosphere of the Belarusian antiques, visit the bar "Belaruski kytok". On Fridays and Thursdays you will enjoy live music there. As for national dishes you are advised to try potato pancakes (“draniki”) with homemade butter or sour cream, cutlets "Paparats-Kvetka", meat, baked according to ancient recipe, potato with pickled cucumbers and pancakes with apples.

You can stay at the hotel "Krupchanka", located next to the Svyatsky manor and a monument to Vladimir Kovalenko - famous cosmonaut who was born in Krupki. The cost of a single room varies from 24,86 BYN. For ecotourism lovers on the territory of "Selyava" reserve, there is a homestead "Near the Lake Selyava". It is a cozy house with comfortable living conditions for ten people.

Krupki is an ideal Belarusian town that combines a cultural conservation of historical buildings and comfortable travel conditions!

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