A Small Village of Zalyadye with Great History

Visiting the village of Zalyadye in Slutsk district, while exploring Minsk region, is rather strange for an inexperienced tourist. But we assure you, there are interesting places to visit in this village that will certainly surprise you. Although this is a small village but it has quite rich history.

Once the estate and the village itself belonged to the Radziwill family. But over time, V. Domansky was the owner of the estate. The building itself can be seen only in the photograph by Stephen Chernotsky (1918). The estate was surrounded by the majestic park with many shrubs and trees; it surprised not only the local nobility but guests as well.

It is necessary to note that the estate had a beautiful exterior and a wonderful interior as well. There was an orangery, library, and archive in the house. The furniture was fashionable, portraits hung on the walls, and tables were decorated with Saxon porcelain (pots, figurines).

Lost Heritage

Time went by, gradually a park disappeared in the village Zalyadye, no hint of grandeur and nobility was left. No one restored the park. On the territory of Zalyadye, only the ruins of a brewery, built of red brick, are preserved.

Surrounded by woods, the village Zalyadye is hidden from our world. The village is located 30 kilometers from Slutsk. It is not far, so local people are able to commute to the district center.

Only a few houses, standing today, indicate that the village is alive. But, probably, the Radziwill and Domansky families wanted the village to be more prosperous.  However, near the village, there are bigger towns and villages with schools and kindergartens.

In addition, local residents are able to find a job within the Slutsk district. This gives local people the opportunity to save time, be more mobile and keep up with the times.

Need to remember that everything is constantly changing in the modern world, it is important not to lose the thread of history, which still connects the past, present, and future. Tourists do not forget this place, and the village still exists. Thus, the small village Zalyadyekeeps its history and forms the image of Belarus.


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