Velikaya Lipa

A charming village of Velikaya Lipa immersed in greenery keeps secrets of noblemen who came to these lands. It is located in Nesvizh district, Minsk region. About 400 inhabitants live in the village. Velikaya Lipa is located 12 kilometers fr om the Nesvizh castle. The village has its history. It is not surprising that tourists visit Velikaya Lipa with pleasure and residents talk about the ancient times.

The road Nesvizh-Snov-Baranovichi goes through the village of Velikaya Lipa. A railway station is located in the village of Lipa, 5 kilometers from Velikaya Lipa.

From Radziwill to Obukhovich

Velikaya Lipa (the XVI century) belonged to noblemen. But gradually all the lands were bought by the Radziwill family. But in the first half of the XVII century, the Obukhovich family was charmed by the beauty of these lands. So, until the beginning of the XX century, Velikaya Lipa belonged to the mentioned noble family.

The Unique Stable

Unfortunately, the estate itself has not been preserved till nowadays. However, we can see many other buildings such as the outbuildings, the barn, and the brewery. There is a unique stable of Belarus - the heritage of the Obukhovich family.

The outskirts of Velikaya Lipa are a kind of an open-air museum: we can visit the church of the Intercession. There are two chapels and a belfry. The buildings were restored and now they are an essential part of the travel route.

The River Snovka Flows Here

Modern life of Velikaya Lipa doesn’t differ from other Belarusian villages. All conditions are created not only in order to work but to rest as well. There is a cattle farm, a workshop, equipment for work, a granary in the village. People breed horses. Local people and tourists can visit a library and club or go to a shop.

In addition to the beauty of these lands, the river Snovka flows through the village. There are edgeless meadows and fields, you can pick mushrooms and wild berries in the woods. Velikaya Lipa is a place wh ere nature coexists with well-preserved buildings. There are planted trees along the road in the village; they remind us that some time ago there was a park. And, most likely, the local nobility was fond of hunting and various feasts.

Lime Tree Honey

There are many lime trees in the village and people prepare lime tree honey, gather together in order to celebrate holidays, go to church, located on a small hill. They remember their history and tell it to their grandchildren. Several investment projects are planned in the village of Velikaya Lipa. This means that the past won’t be forgotten. You should definitely come to Velikaya Lipa – an open-air museum.

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