Ratomka is a village 5 km from Minsk in the western direction, on the Ratomka River. It received its name thanks to the owners - Count Ratomsky, natives of the Orthodox boyars of the Mensky (ie, Minsk) district of the Vilna province in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And the count's surname has a common root with the word rad and comes from the German word Rat, which means "Advice".

On the territory of the settlement there are railways and roads, there is a continuous transport connection with the capital (minibuses, buses, electric trains).

Here is the Republican Center for Olympic training of equestrian sports and horse breeding, in which you will be introduced to the history of this sport, will be given the opportunity to observe the training process, will be taken to the stables or given a pair of riding lessons.

On the territory of the village there are hotel complexes and sports and recreation facilities, attract tourists from all over the world for a pleasant stay and treatment in an ecologically clean and picturesque place.

The closeness in the capital of Belarus - the city of Minsk, the developed infrastructure and transport links make the settlement of Ratomka the most popular suburb and a desirable place for real estate acquisition.

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