The agro-town of Loshany (Minsk district, Minsk region) is located at 26 km’s distance from Minsk on the highway Minsk-Molodechno which is Central in  rural Executive Committee of Loshany.

A bit of history

For the first time the village of Loshany was mentioned in 1815 in the lands of Zaslavsky Dominican monastery. Over the next century the village was the property of the treasury, and part of lands belonged to Zaslavskaya volost, Minsk district. Since 1959 the village of Loshany has become a part of Minsk district. In 2008 it became an agricultural town.

This small corner of the country overcame the occupation by the German army during the First World War, then the invasion of Polish troops. During the Second World War, defending the homeland, 19 people were killed when the village was occupied by the German army.

Despite the difficult times, the village of Loshany remains one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of Belarus. Hospitable people gladly accept all those wishing to see historical places and to relax away from the bustle of the city.

The memory of our heroes and their feats

Near the agro-town Loshany there is a historical-cultural complex "Stalin Line", which is a chain of defensive structures and fortifications. This complex is a real museum under the open sky. It was erected in memory of the great feat of our people, all the pain and suffering they had endured and all the sacrifices that they had to go through.

By joined work of state and public organizations on the territory of the complex there was erected military fortifications, machine gun bunkers, artillery, CPT. With the help of engineers of the Military Forces of the Republic of Belarus pre-war drawings of the landscape were restored, equipped with bunkers, trenches, anti-tank trenches and other military installations.

The visit the "Stalin Line" will be useful not only for the purpose of Patriotic education, but also for adults to once again mentally thank all those who gave us the future. The complex is a monument to the Defenders of the Minsk Fortified area who by the cost of their lives defending their homeland.

Near the agricultural town of Loshany there is a monument to Joseph Stalin, which can be viewed as part of guided tours or self-visiting the complex. The cost of tickets for adults and children is quite low, compared with those sensations and impressions that people get from visiting. There is a possibility to park your car in the parking lot and listen to a fascinating tour and touch the exhibits with your hands.

A quiet place for living and recreation

Now the agrotown of Loshany has a well-developed infrastructure. Despite the fact that the population is small, in the agricultural town of steady work there are enterprises for growing crops and trees and shrubs that are supplied to the landscaping of the city of Minsk and the implementation of the population. There is also a FAP, a post office and a bank, all the necessary shops and a pharmacy.

Cultural events are held in the culture house, which is equipped with a large hall and is designed for a large number of people. Children in the agricultural town of Loshany visit the SBE "Educational-pedagogical complex kindergarden - high school of the agrotown Loshany". In the library of  the agrotown there assembled an excellent collection of literature for every taste.

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