Alesino village in Smolevichi, Minsk region, is one of thousands of villages, which were burnt during the war. However, raised literally from the ashes, it was able to become one of the best in Belarus.

It is enough to walk through its well-tended streets, admire the buildings, built in the unified style.

Alesino village is close to Smolevichi, it is only 12 kilometers’ distance. The nearest railway station is located in Smolevichi. The village is a home for more than 400 people. Alesino is also an agro-town.

The Farmstead. A torture chamber. Cooperative. State Farm.

It all started with the fact that Alesino farm was first mentioned in the documents as a part of the estate "Shipyany" in the XIX - the beginning of the XXth century. The estate belonged to the relatives of composer Stanislav Monyushko. According to the census of 1897, 156 inhabitants lived in the manor. There was a distillery (the building has survived to this day) as well as a pond in Alesino.

After the revolution of 1917, Alesino became known as a torture chamber, co-operative farm "New Life" also appeared at the same time. It existed until 1924.

There were two plants: starch and milk, as well as a smithy on the territory of the village in the 30-ies of the XXth century.

The village was burnt down during the Great Patriotic War. But, after the war, it became known as State Farm "Shipyany".

The agro-town of Alesino

However, the distillery of the Vankovichi family estate has survived. There is a warehouse, hardware annex and several buildings that have remained. There is a village administration, as well as a bank in the building of the former distillery, built of red bricks and stones. All of these buildings of the early XXth century are protected by the state. And moreover they add the unique appearance to the village of Alesino.

The Nativity Church rises above the village. The streets are surrounded by greenery; there are shops, cafes in the village. A museum of Belarusian classic, Yakub Kolas, has been founded in the high school of Alesino.

The seed plant is a peculiar feature of the agro-town of Alesino. It began to operate in 2010. Today the plant named RUE "Shipyany -ASA" is one of the leading enterprises in Belarus using advanced technology in crop-growing. In addition, a contemporary cattle-breeding complex was built in the farm.

New houses appear and infrastructure is developing in Alesino. All this attracts not only locals but also tourists. After all, who would not go through the well-kept streets to the woods to pick mushrooms and to look at the waterways surrounding the village?

The beauty is inside

The external beauty is complemented by the interior beauty of Alesino village. Indeed, the name of the village appeared according to the local legend from Belarusian name of Ales’ or Alesya. Its excellent sound confirms that one can revive and keep its history despite of any events. The constant development of the village says that there are beautiful and hardworking people living here, and among them there are boys or girls named Ales’ or Alesya. This means that the story of Alesino village goes on.

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