The Agro-town Senitsa in the Minsk Region

This place is considered a village, settlement, agro-town. But no one can deny that it is a large settlement with almost 7000 inhabitants and due to its rapid growth and development, there will be 10 thousand people in the near future.

It is one of the first agro-towns in the country and one of the most developed and modern. It unites the village Senitsa and settlement Yubileiny. It is located near the significant highway and borders with Minsk. Some people believe that in the near future the village will become a part of the capital.


At one time, the river Senitsa flowed through this place, that’s why the village was called that way. According to another version, its name derives fr om a farm building wh ere hay was stored – sennitsy.

According to historical documents, in 1567 the village belonged to Dragochevich, and it had to provide the troops of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with a horse.

Later, these lands belonged to the church, and then it became an administrative center. Later on, it became a center of the village council, and now – it is an agro-town.

Since 1864, a parochial school opened in Senitsa. Later on, it became a college. The basics of agronomy, horticulture, animal science were taught there. The creation and development of this oldest educational institution in the country played an important role in the history of the whole country. By the Great Patriotic war, because of a huge number of students, this institution occupied three buildings.

The development of public education, knowledge dissemination, the increase in the number of schools is the merit of the school staff - enthusiasts and devotees. It is important to recall teacher O.V.Solntseva who contributed to the development of education.

This remarkable woman, a teacher by vocation, became the first mentor of Yanka Lutsevich - the great Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala. He began to study there at the age of seven in 1889. And in 1982 this institution was named after him. A museum of Yanka Kupala opened there as well.

Modern Senitsa

Nowadays, it is a cozy town. Its population is growing in number. The town is developing gradually. The agricultural industry is well developed here.

This place has a rich history and feels confident about the future. All Belarusian people should be proud of it.

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