The small town of Zelva is located in Grodno region, 132 kilometers from the region center. It stands on the river Zelvyanka. 7 thousand inhabitants live in this urban settlement. The settlement’s name derived from the name of the river. There are many interesting places with its own unique historical and cultural value in Zelva Township. Nature will charm every guest of this town. Its residents are responsive and friendly.

The Historyof Zelva

According to written sources, the first mention of this settlement dates back to 1258. However, only a part of this settlement was mentioned. And, most likely, this part was located in the south of the town on a hill. But Zelva was mentioned in 1470 and linked with the construction of a Catholic church. Mikhail Natsavich built this church. In the XVII century, there was a river harbor on the river Zelvyanka since it was a tributary of the Neman. Local residents were proud of their town and even called it “Zelvinsky earldom.” During the existence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, every year the biggest fair was held in this urban-type settlement. Merchants from many countries came to Zelva. In 1940, Zelva was granted the status of an urban-type settlement. During the Great Patriotic War, this area was occupied by the Nazi aggressors.

For a long time – until 2013 – a butter making factory was functioning and prospering in the settlement of Zelva. There is a small hydropower plant.

Sights of Zelva

Zelva Township is full of beautiful and interesting places. There are magic nature, unpolluted air, and many historical monuments. You can see the Trinity church. It was built in 1913. The church is small but its construction is original and eye-catching.

In addition to the Catholic Church, there is another significant same-name sight – the Trinity church. It was built in 1815. Both buildings are monuments of architecture and historically valuable. Both buildings are unique and remarkable in their own ways. It is hard to find similar buildings in Belarus.

There is an ancient mill of the XIX century located on the territory of Zelva. The building is in poor conditions. A railway station is another old construction of the XX century.

Zelva is a must-see place. It is ideal for those who are interested in cultural and historical places of Belarus.


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