Volkovysk is a beautiful city in the Grodno region, located on the Volkovysk Upland in the basin of the small Ross river. The whole city is built on hills. Volkovysk is the administrative center of the Volkovysk district with a population of more than 40 thousand people. Although a small city, but like many other cities in Belarus, it is historically and culturally significant. There are architectural monuments and patrimony here. Very beautiful views are opening from the hills to an unusual nature, which amazes with its ambiguity and uniqueness.

History of the city of Volkovysk.

Two different chronicles indicate the different years of the foundation of the city of Volkovysk: in Turov - this is 1005, in Ipatievskaya - 1252. The second date is considered official. In the Middle Ages, this city was a kind of fortress on the border between the Balts and the Slavs. In 1410 the city was completely captured and burnt. Like many other cities in Belarus, Volkovysk now and then was part of various powers, the latest of which was the modern territory of Belarus. The city is famous for a lot of outstanding people who were born in these parts, who managed to glorify the city not only among the Belarusians. Among them are such people as: Dediushko is an actor of theater and cinema, Yanovsky is an outstanding chess player.

Places of interest in Volkovysk

This city has its own history, which is revealed as you visit all the interesting places visited by tourists. Among them are such architectural assets:

1. The famous Catholic church of St. Wenceslas. This structure was erected in 1848. It is officially an architectural monument of the 19th century.

2. Another very important property of the city is the manor house built in the  end of 18th century. It is better known as the "House of Bagration", since at that time this place was its headquarters. Although of course this house did not belong to him. At present this building is a military-historical museum.

3. Also in the city there are two churches: one of them St. Nicholas, built in 1874, and the other is the modern church of Peter and Paul erected in 2004. The first is an architectural monument.

4. On the southeastern outskirts of Volkovysk there are archaeological settlements known as the "Swedskaya Gorka" and "Muraveinik", which are part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

Many residential buildings are also dated by late dates of the second half of the 19th century, especially those located near the railway station. In the territory of the city of Volkovysk there are many cemeteries: the Polish cemetery of soldiers and the cemetery of Jewish soldiers, as well as the Orthodox cemetery. Among the many burials there are buried soldiers - members of the First World War. This city is simply filled with the spirit of the history of those times that people read only in books

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